25 August, 2014

Stella - 1955

It is the thirteenth of the month
My bad-luck day
I don't want to set eyes on
or great a single soul

Every time it is the thirteenth 
I don't get out of bed
I close the doors and windows
buy my eyes refuse to close


18 June, 2014

The Monk by the Sea

"How wonderful it is to sit completely alone by the sea under an overcast sky, gazing out over the endless expanse of water. It is essential that one has come there just for this reason, and that one has to return. That one would like to go over the sea but cannot; that one misses any sign of life, and yet one senses the voice of life in the rush of the water, in the blowing of the wind, in the drifting of the clouds, in the lonely cry of the birds ... No situation in the world could be more sad and eerie than this—as the only spark of life in the wide realm of death, a lonely center in a lonely circle..."

15 October, 2013

13 October, 2013

Gertrud - 1964

-Who are you, really?
-I am many things
-The morning dew, dripping from the leaves of the tree.
 White clouds sailing where no one knows.
-Who else are you?
-I am the moon. I am the sky.
-And what else?
-Yes, I am a mouth.
 A mouth seeking another mouth.
-Sounds like a dream.
-It is a dream. Life is a dream.
 Life is a long chain of dreams, drifting into one another.
-And the mouth you spoke of?
-A dream.
-And the mouth you seek?
-Also a dream.


01 January, 2013

Colossal Youth (2006)

"My love, being together again will brighten our lives for at least 30 years. I'll come back to you strong and loving. I wish I could offer you 100,000 cigarettes, a dozen fancy dresses, a car, the little lava house you always dreamed of, a threepenny bouquet. But most of all, drink a bottle of good wine and think of me. Here, it's nothing but work. There are over a hundred of us now. Did my letter arrive safely? Still nothing from you. Some other time. Every day, every minute, I learn beautiful new words for me and you alone made to fit us both, like fine silk pajamas, wouldn't you like that? I can only send you one letter a month. I often get scared building these walls. Me with a pick and cement, you with your silence, a pit so deep, it swallows you up. It hurts to see these horrors that I don't want to see. Your lovely hair slips through my fingers like dry grass. Often, I feel weak and think I'm going to forget you."

26 September, 2012

Walt Whitman

Make no puns
funny remarks
Double entendres
“witty” remarks
Only that which
is simply earnest
meant, —harmless
to anyone’s feelings
nothing to
excite a

*Walt Whitman instructs himself in an 1855-56 notebook about the Second Edition of Leaves of Grass.

19 September, 2012

The Book of Disquiet

There's a tiredness of abstract inteligence, and it's the most horrible of tirednesses. It doesn't weight on you like the tiredness of the body, nor does it worry you like the tiredness of knowledge and emotion. It's a weightiness of the conscience of the world, an inability of the soul to breathe. 


The idea of any social obligation, just the idea of it embarrasses my thoughts for a day, and sometimes it's since the day before that I worry, and don't sleep well, and the real affair, when it happens, is absolutely insignificant and justifies nothing; and the case repeats itself and I never learn to learn. 


Every day things happen in the world that cannot be explained by any law of things we know. Every day they're mentioned and forgotten, and the same mystery that brought them takes them away, transforming their secret into oblivion. Such is the law by which things that can't be explained must be forgotten. The visible world goes on as usual in the broad daylight. Otherness watches us from the shadows. 


For the moment being, given that we live in society, the only duty of superior men is to reduce to a minimum their participation in the tribe's life. Not to read newspapers, or read them only to know about whatever unimportant and curious is going on. / [...] The supreme honorable state for a superior man is in not knowing who is the Head of State of his country, or if he lives under a monarchy or a republic. / All his attitude must be setting his soul so that the passing of things, of events doesn't bother him. If he doesn't do it he will have to take an interest in others in order to take care of himself.


.. And I, who timidly hate life, fear death with fascination. I fear this nothingness that could be something else, and I fear it as nothing and as something else simultaneously, as if gross horror and non-existence could coincide there, as if my coffin could entrap the eternal breathing of a bodily soul, as if immortality could be tormented by confinement. The idea of hell, which only a satanic soul could have invented seems to me to have derived from this sort of confusion - a mixture of two different fears that contradict and contaminate each other. 


I have now so many fundamental thoughts, so many really metaphysical things to say, that I suddenly get tired and decide not to write more, not to think more, but allow the fever of saying to make me sleepy, and fondle, with closed eyes, as if to a cat, all that I could have said.


To be understood is to prostitute yourself. 

17 August, 2012

16 May, 2012