20 August, 2011

Untitled Film Stills

"If I knew what the picture was going to be like I wouldn’t make it. It was almost like it was made already.. the challenge is more about trying to make what you can’t think of."

- Cindy Sherman

18 August, 2011

11 August, 2011



Sleight of hand
Jump off the end
Into a clear lake
No one around

Just dragonflies
No one gets hurt
You’ve done nothing wrong

Slide your hand
Jump off the end
The water's clear and innocent
The water's clear and innocent

06 August, 2011

The Magic Flute

Oh if only she was here before me
I would then .. I would ..
warmly and chastely..
what would I do?
I would with rapture
enfold her tightly
to this burning bosom
and then forever she would be mine

Fritz Wunderlich

04 August, 2011

Sex is Comedy

"Sex is what people do most and admit least."