30 September, 2009

The Pillow Book

"If writings did not exist, what terrible depressions we should suffer."

"Farewells can be both beautiful and despicable. Saying farewell to one who is loved is very complicated. Why should a person be obligated to stand such sweet pain and such bitter pleasure?"

"Warm rain falling from the mountainous clouds. Walking slowly dressed in crimson thinking of Kyoto. Kissed by a lover in the Matsuo Tiasha garden. Quiet water and loud water. Love in the afternoon in imitation of history. Love before and love after. If God approved of His creation. He brought the painted clay-model to life. By signing His own name. Flesh and the writing table. Writing of love and finding it."

"I am certain that there are two things in life which are dependable: the delights of the flesh and the delights of literature. I have had the good fortune to enjoy them both equally."

29 September, 2009

23 September, 2009

19 September, 2009