31 October, 2010

30 October, 2010

24 October, 2010

Dead Man's Shoes

Vessel in Vain

A King at night


"God will forgive them. He'll forgive them and allow them into Heaven. I can't live with that."

20 October, 2010

Suna no onna

"The certificates we use to make certain of one another: contracts, licenses, ID cards, permits, deeds, certifications, registrations, carry permits, union cards, testimonials, bills, IOUs, temporary permits, letters of consent, income statements, certificates of custody, even proof of pedigree. Is that all of them? Have I forgotten any? Men and women are slaves to their fear of being cheated. In turn they dream up new certificates to prove their innocence."


19 October, 2010


ما لم يَستأصل النصلُ هذا الدماغ،

هذا السفطَ الأبيضَ، الأخضرَ السمينَ

ببخارِهِ الذي لا يتجددُ البتة،

( آهٍ، ينبغي "له" أن يُستأصل

أنفَهُ و شفتَهُ، و أذنيهِ

و بطنَه! أن يتخلَّى عن ساقيهِ! يا للأعجوبة !!)

كلاّ!! الحقُ أنني أعتقدُ أنَّهُ

ما لم يُعملْ النصلُ برأسِهِ

و الحجارةُ بخاصرتِهِ،

و اللهبُ بأمعائهِ،

فإنَّ ذلكَ الولد المزعج،

ذلكَ الحيوان الأحمق

لنْ يكفَّ لحظةً عن الاحتيالِ و الخديعة،

ومثلَ هرٍّ الجبال الصخرية

عن تلويثِ جميع الأجواء !

و مع ذلك ! فلترتفع

يا إلهي، صلاةٌ عندَ موتِه!!


13 October, 2010

Sonny Boy Williamson II

Bye Bye Bird

I`m A Lonely Man

You're talking about your woman,
I wish to God, man, that you could see mine
You're talking about your woman,
I wish to God that you could see mine
Every time the little girl start to loving,
She bring Eyesight To The Blind

Lord, her daddy must been a millionaire,
'Cause I can tell by the way she walk
Her daddy must been a millionaire,
Because I can tell by the way she walk
Every time she start to loving,
The deaf and dumb begin to talk

I remember one Friday morning,
We was lying down across the bed
Man in the next room a-dying, stopped dying
And lift up his head, and said,
"Lord, ain't she pretty,
And the whole state know she fine!"
Every time she start to loving,
She bring eyesight to the blind

Yes, I declare she's pretty
And the whole state knows she's fine
Man, I declare she's pretty,
God knows I declare she's fine
Every time she starts to loving,
Whoo, she brings eyesight to the blind

12 October, 2010

10 October, 2010




Play Dead

"The reason I do photographs is to help people understand my music, so it's very important that I am the same, emotionally, in the photographs as in the music. Most people's eyes are much better developed than their ears. If they see a certain emotion in the photograph, then they'll understand the music."

09 October, 2010