24 February, 2011

21 February, 2011

20 February, 2011

Sous Le Sable

"I generally don't make films to entertain people. I choose the parts that challenge me to break through my own barriers. A need to devour, punish, humiliate, or surrender seems to be a primal part of human nature, and it's certainly a big part of sex. To discover what normal means, you have to surf a tide of weirdness."

Charlotte Rampling

12 February, 2011

Le Samouraï


“I don’t want to situate my heroes in time; I don’t want the action of a film to be recognizable as something that happens in 1968. That’s why in Le samouraï, for example, the women aren’t wearing miniskirts, while the men are wearing hats—something, unfortunately, that no one does anymore. I’m not interested in realism. All my films hinge on the fantastic. I’m not a documentarian; a film is first and foremost a dream, and it’s absurd to copy life in an attempt to produce an exact re-creation of it. Transposition is more or less a reflex with me: I move from realism to fantasy without the spectator ever noticing.”

*Jean-Pierre Melville

09 February, 2011

07 February, 2011

03 February, 2011

The Passenger

Airports, taxi, hotel, they're all the same in the end.
I don't agree, it's us who remain the same. We translate every situation, every
experience into the same old codes, we just condition ourselves.
We are creatures of habit.