15 October, 2013

13 October, 2013

Gertrud - 1964

-Who are you, really?
-I am many things
-The morning dew, dripping from the leaves of the tree.
 White clouds sailing where no one knows.
-Who else are you?
-I am the moon. I am the sky.
-And what else?
-Yes, I am a mouth.
 A mouth seeking another mouth.
-Sounds like a dream.
-It is a dream. Life is a dream.
 Life is a long chain of dreams, drifting into one another.
-And the mouth you spoke of?
-A dream.
-And the mouth you seek?
-Also a dream.


01 January, 2013

Colossal Youth (2006)

"My love, being together again will brighten our lives for at least 30 years. I'll come back to you strong and loving. I wish I could offer you 100,000 cigarettes, a dozen fancy dresses, a car, the little lava house you always dreamed of, a threepenny bouquet. But most of all, drink a bottle of good wine and think of me. Here, it's nothing but work. There are over a hundred of us now. Did my letter arrive safely? Still nothing from you. Some other time. Every day, every minute, I learn beautiful new words for me and you alone made to fit us both, like fine silk pajamas, wouldn't you like that? I can only send you one letter a month. I often get scared building these walls. Me with a pick and cement, you with your silence, a pit so deep, it swallows you up. It hurts to see these horrors that I don't want to see. Your lovely hair slips through my fingers like dry grass. Often, I feel weak and think I'm going to forget you."