30 November, 2010

29 November, 2010

Mike Leigh's All or Nothing

"Funny, isn't it? Love. It's like a dripping tap. Bucket is either half full or it's half empty. If you're not together, you're alone. You are born alone, and you die alone. Nothing you can do about it."


27 November, 2010

23 November, 2010

Séraphine de Senlis

The Fall Of The House Of Usher

"I always say that I basically make my work "to order", by which I mean to my "inner order". It is really inside me, what's going to come out. The way I see it, each individual accumulates in his or her lifetime. That which accumulates inside him or her needs to find a way out. Basically, everybody can do that, but most people do not find a way of releasing it, they have certain blockage. There is no such thing as talent."



20 November, 2010

Love In The Time Of Cholera

كان يشعران كأنهما قد اجتازا جلجلة الحياة الزوجية الصعبة، ووصلا دون لف أو دوران إلى جوهر الحب. كانا ينسابان بصمت كزوجين قديمين كوتهما الحياة، إلى ما وراء خدع العاطفة، إلى ما وراء حيل الأوهام القاسية وسراب خيبة الأمل: إلى ما وراء الحب. لقد عاشا معاً ما يكفي ليعرفا أن الحب أو أن نحب في أي وقت وفي أي مكان، وأن الحب يكون أكثر زخماً كلما كان أقرب إلى الموت

18 November, 2010

Sans soleil

"I imagine him moving slowly, heavily, about the volcanic soil that sticks to the soles. All of a sudden he stumbles, and the next step it's a year later. He's walking on a small path near the Dutch border along a sea bird sanctuary. That's for a start. Now why this cut in time, this connection of memories? That's just it, he can't understand. He hasn't come from another planet, he comes from our future, Four thousand and one: the time when the human brain has reached
the era of full employment. Everything works to perfection, all that we allow to slumber, including memory. Logical consequence: total recall is memory anesthetized. After so many stories of men who had lost their memory, here is the story of one who has lost forgetting,
and whothrough some peculiarity of his nature instead of drawing pride from the fact and scorning mankind of the past and its shadows, turned to it first with curiosity and then with compassion. In the world he comes from, to call forth a vision, to be moved by a portrait, to tremble at the sound of music, can only be signs of a long and painful pre-history. He wants to understand. He feels these infirmities of time like an injustice, and he reacts to that injustice like Ché Guevara, like the youth of the sixties, with indignation. He is a Third Worlder of time. The idea that unhappiness had existed in his planet's past is as unbearable to him as to them the existence of poverty in their present. Naturally he'll fail. The unhappiness he discovers is as inaccessible to him as the poverty of a poor country is unimaginable to the children of a rich one. He has chosen to give up his privileges, but he can do nothing about the privilege that has allowed him to choose. His only recourse is precisely that which threw him into this absurd quest: a song cycle by Mussorgsky. They are still sung in the fortieth century. Their meaning has been lost, but it was then that for the first time, he perceived the presence of that thing he didn't understand which had something to do with unhappiness and memory, and towards which slowly, heavily, he began to walk. Of course I'll never make that film. Nonetheless I'm collecting the sets, inventing the twists, putting in my favorite creatures. I've even given it a title, indeed the title of those Mussorgsky songs: Sunless."

15 November, 2010


"I've messed everything up. I've been a cheat, a liar, completely alone, wounded, and you think I am immoral shit, I think so too but not the same reasons. I feel nothing for no-one."


14 November, 2010

Hello darkness, my old friend

Hello darkness, my old friend,
I've come to talk with you again,
Because a vision softly creeping,
Left it's seeds while I was sleeping,
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence

13 November, 2010

The Cure / Cut Here


I miss you
I miss you
I miss you
I miss you
I miss you
I miss you so much

But how many times can I walk away
And wish "if only... "
How many times can I talk this way
And wish "if only... "
Keep on making the same mistake
Keep on aching the same heartbreak

I wish "if only... "
But "if only... "
Is a wish too late...

11 November, 2010

10 November, 2010


"Grant me the following in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Like a leper rotting in flesh, let all avoid me. Like a cripple without limbs, let me not move freely. Remove my cheeks, the tears may not roll down them. Crush my lips and tongue, that I may not sin with them. Pull out my nails, that I may not grasp nothing. Let my shoulders and back be bent, that I may carry nothing. Like a man with tumor in the head let me lack judgment. Ravage my body sworn to chastity leave me with no pride, and have me live in shame. Let no one pray for me. But only the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me. "

01 November, 2010

Damien Rice

cheers darlin'
here's to you and your lover boy
cheers darlin'
i got years to wait around for you
cheers darlin'
i've got your wedding bells in my ear
cheers darlin'
you give me three cigarettes to smoke my tears away