16 January, 2010

15 January, 2010

Le rayon vert

"My films, you say, are literary: The things I say could be said in a novel. Yes, but what do I say? My characters' discourse is not necessarily my film's discourse.

There is certainly literary material in my tales, a preestablished novelistic plot that could be developed in writing and that is, in fact, sometimes developed in the form of a commentary. But neither the text of these commentaries, nor that of my dialogues, is my film: Rather, they are things that I film, just like the landscapes, faces, behavior, and gestures. And if you say that speech is an impure element, I no longer agree with you. Like images, it is a part of the life I film.

What I say, I do not say with words. I do not say it with images, either, with all due respect to partisans of pure cinema, who would speak with images as a deaf-mute does with his hands. After all, I do not say, I show. I show people who move and speak. That is all I know how to do, but that is my true subject. The rest, I agree, is literature."

Eric Rohmer (4 April 1920 – 11 January 2010)

14 January, 2010

System Of A Down

Don't you realize that evil lives in the motherfucking skin

Why the fuck did you take him away from us you motherfucker?

08 January, 2010

The Limits of Control


"The universe has no center and no edges. Reality is arbitrary."