20 December, 2010

Der junge Törless

"I had to admit it was possible that man wasn't created good or bad once and for all. We all keep changing ceaselessly. We exist only by virtue of our actions. But if we allow ourselves to change to where we become torturers or sacrificial animals, then anything is possible. Then even the most horrific things become simply possible. Then there's no line between good and evil, and both merge imperceptibly. Then perfectly normal people can do terrible things. The only question then was, "How is this possible?" To observe this, I let these things go unreported. I wanted to know how it was possible. What happens when a person humiliates himself or suddenly turns cruel? I used to think it would mean the end of the world. Now I know differently. What seems so horrific, so incomprehensible from afar, simply happens. Quietly and naturally. Therefore one must be
continually on guard."


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